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I was very skeptical of this banana bread because I KNEW my mother had the best banana bread and no one even compared. I had my first bite of Berg’s Banana Bread and I was blown away. It is incredible, and better than my mothers’. Sorry Mom!

Bethany W. / Facebook

Best banana bread ever! So fresh and moist! My favorite is the special variety with Walnuts. So delicious!

Linda S. / Facebook

What is it that makes your Banana Bread so good! Every time I have a slice its like taking a bite out of heaven! 

Brayden M. / Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the banana bread stay fresh?

7 – 10 days, when stored in the original airtight plastic wrap. We do advise consuming our banana bread shortly after they arrive for the best taste and before anyone else can get their hands on it.

Can the banana bread be frozen?

Yes! For best results and before placing in the freezer, make sure to wrap the banana bread in plastic wrap ensuring it is fully covered. When you are ready to eat, thaw it at room temperature for two hours or just eat it frozen if you can’t resist!

How do I know my order request was received?

An email confirmation of your order will be sent to you after your online order is placed.

Do your products contain nuts?

Yes, some do, as indicated on the product labels. All our loaves of banana bread, however, are manufactured with equipment that uses eggs, soy, and wheat.

What are the nutritional facts of the banana bread?
Berg's Banana Bread Nutrition Label
Is there a minimum order quantity for online orders?

The minimum order quantity is five loaves in total. The minimum order quantity for the nut and chocolate chip loaves is five.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver for free within the city limits of Provo. There is a delivery fee of $.25/mile for any delivery outside of Provo. Our delivery times are everyday from 5-8AM and 7-10PM (MST).

Keep in mind that online orders must be given 24 hours in advance of when you would like your banana bread as well as before the estimated delivery time to ensure your banana bread is baked freshly for you to enjoy.

Can I pick it up?

Currently we do not have a storefront and are currently working on a delivery only basis. If you would like to arrange a location to meet and pickup your order we would love to accommodate you. Please let us know in the description of your order and we will gladly make arrangements. Your experience is important to us.

What is the price of Berg's Banana Bread?

The Original Banana Bread is $4 a loaf and any of the special varieties are $5 a loaf. We do run discounts every now and again so keep an eye out!


Original Banana Bread is $4 a loaf and special varieties are $5 a loaf.  

Online orders must be 24 hours before the expected delivery date and time. 

Delivery times are everyday from 5-8AM and 7-10PM (MST)

Free Delivery in Provo!

Delivery fee for outside Provo = $.25/mile

*If you need special accommodation, please let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the contact form or email us at contact@bergsbread.com.

Bergs Banana Bread Bundle

Walnut x4


Bergs Banana Bread Bundle

Pecan x4


Bergs Banana Bread Bundle

Original x4


Bergs Banana Bread Bundle

Chocolate Chip x4

About us for berg's banana bread

About Us

Berg’s Banana Bread was created to bring this irresistible bread to the world.

Started by Drew Dahlberg as a way to fundraise the money he needed for a Spartan Race. Drew had so much fun making it that he quit his job as a lifeguard and starting baking banana bread full time. He has baked his whole life thanks to his mother for teaching him the ways of the oven. The recipe for Berg’s Banana Bread is a mix of a family recipe and one he acquired from a humanitarian trip he took to Nicaragua. We hope you enjoy your loaf and recommend us to friends and family.

Banana Bread Made From Scratch

You Will Loave Our Banana Bread

Quality ingredients blended together to make the best banana bread you have ever tasted. It will fuel you through any adventure. Pair it with butter and you have yourself a replacement for popcorn during a movie.

Banana Bread Irresistable

Our Banana Bread Includes:
-Sugar Cane


Order today for $4 a loaf!